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SynthEdit Module in title

SynthEdit Drag and drop modular components, connect them with virtual "patch cords".
Size: 12.5 MB
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editor synthesizer modular synthesizer Module  
Synthedit NewWave Replaces each cycle of input waveform with synthetic waveform.
Size: 54KB
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pic monkey photo developr.hlp free adobe reader  
Synthedit MovAvg Very simple and fast LP filter.
Size: 46KB
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iTV video converter quick crypt hd wallpaper tekken  
Synthedit PrintChart Debugging aid periodically writes to file.
Size: 60KB
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no pub file viewer jar file mobile aid powered by  
Synthedit varCUT Cuts the signal with the varHIGH and varLOW. Best with limits to zero.
Size: 33KB
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thumbnailer php andy yahoo password decoder  
Synthedit Resetter This is a resetter plugins for audio process.
Size: 37KB
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WMV 2 AVI adobe activeshare 1.5 ovl decompiler  

SynthEdit Module in tags

SEM Screenshot Tool Generates screenshots of the SE modules and stores them as PNG file
Size: 364 KB
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screenshot Module Screenshot Maker SynthEdit Module  
RH-M2V Converts Volt midinotenumbers from KDL Midi2Volts to SE PitchVoltage.
Size: 20 KB
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Converter Module SynthEdit Module SynthEdit Volt converter  
U-MathEv A Math expresion Evaluator
Size: 35 KB
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expression Module SynthEdit Module SynthEdit xml evaluator  
U-fDelay A standard Delay Module with a LP filter in the feedback chain
Size: 29 KB
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Module SynthEdit Module SynthEdit Delay delay filter  
U-Vowel A Formant filter that outputs "Voweled" sounds
Size: 27 KB
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filter Module SynthEdit Module SynthEdit formant shifter  
U-Smooth A Signal Smoother Module
Size: 28 KB
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signal demuzer generate signal signal Module smoother  

SynthEdit Module in description

Synthedit RndAuto Here is the official description for Synthedit RndAuto: Edit By Random automation Module. Periodically changes value, either immediately or ramping from previous.
Size: 46KB
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Docx to RTF toshiba dvd rom mpeg to quicktime bitcomet 0.85  
Brushed Metal Keep in mind that you will need to install SynthEdit in order to use the functions of Brushed Metal, since this module was created while testing how SynthEdit works and what possibilities it offers.
Size: 59 KB
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Module SynthEdit Module SynthEdit metal effect metal  
Quadratic The Quadratic SynthEdit module was developed to be a multi-variable polynomial expression. Much less flexible than Unkargherth's U-MathEv, but efficient and useful for simple sums, differences, and pr...
Size: 43 KB
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Variable Module SynthEdit Module SynthEdit  
Exciter This SynthEdit module was developed to a simple exciter class wrapped as SE module.
Size: 52 KB
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class Module SynthEdit Module SynthEdit 5.1 channel exciter  
RH-Threshold2 The RH-Threshold2 SynthEdit module was developed to be a control module, not intended for audiosignals.
Size: 24 KB
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Module SynthEdit Module SynthEdit Threshold Value Threshold  
Correlation Meter The Correlation Meter SynthEdit module was developed to be a small module that will allow you to process an input signal using a direction pulse.
Size: 207 KB
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process spectral signal pulse waveform Module